Put YOU back into ALL you do.

I am chosen

& so are YOU! 




I AM Alisa Auger, the Creativity Muse


 I AM a Channel


I energetically receive Divine words of wisdom and guidance to help my clients feel free and safe to activate impactful change in their creativity, life and business.



I help my clients


 Stop hiding and gain the confidence to emerge, stand out and be visible by owning their unique magic 


 End the overwhelm and confusion to reveal the clarity needed on their path toward greater success 


 Release blocks keeping them in survival mode so they can finally thrive and make the impact they are meant to make in their creativity, life and business 





Embrace YOUr Confidence

Feel Freedom to Express YOUrself

Amplify YOUr Unique Voice


 Let’s CONNECT!  

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With my 25+ years of experience, I've helped:



  • VISIONARIES who have big dreams and want to make a difference for others


  • ARTISTS who are ready break the myths of what it really means to be an Artist - thriving, not just surviving


  • CREATIVES who want to find their artistic voice - sharing their unique vision and beauty for the benefit of all


  • INTELLECTUALS who tend to be in a never-ending cycle of perfectionism, overthinking and stagnation - reconnecting them to their heart for clarity & decision-making


  • INTUITIVES who are natural healers and want to unleash their own magic to share and receive abundantly for their gifts


  • SPEAKERS who want to stand in their power, tell their story with presence and make an impact for their audience


  • SAVVY ENTREPRENEURS who want energetic support behind the scenes to keep their number 1 asset (themselves) highly attuned and vibrationally resonant for best results


This is the place of infinite possibilities, creativity and pure potential.

It's time to fly, BUTTERFLY!!!


" What I loved the most is having a safe space to explore all kinds of ways to creatively express myself and get tons of support and encouragement. This experience re-ignited the passion I had as a child to create for my own pleasure, which spilled over into all areas of my life. The up-leveling it created was phenomenal! The SYS Experience is unlike anything you’ve ever done - you’ll be forever grateful that you did it! "

Karolyn McKinley
Quantum Thought Leader, Psychotherapist & Integrative Healing Practitioner

" Alisa is magic embodied. She is gifted with the innate ability to channel the divine wisdom you need to hear in the present moment. She is kind, deeply supportive and takes the time to tune into you and your specific needs. I appreciate that even though her support taps into the spiritual realm, it still feels accessible, grounded and practical to easily apply to your daily life."

Jennifer Dawn Gabiola
Branding Expert For Quiet Rockstars

" I was at an in - between stage in my life, and unable to move forward. My 1:1 session with Alisa opened up a channel for me to access my true power, giving me what I can only describe as a heightened heart focus. Whereas before I felt stuck, I now feel incredibly clear and unstoppable! "

Lissa Cowan
Writer, Teacher & Creator

" Choosing Alisa to get ready for sharing my personal story publicly was definitely the right decision. I was petrified by the idea of giving my first talk. It was so personal and I didn't know how I could be vulnerable and impactful at the same time. With Alisa’s powerful mentoring, I was able to perform at a level that was nothing short of a dream. I am so glad I hired her as my speaker coach. I am now ready for any new performance opportunity. Alisa, Thank you for your magic! "

Catherine Chevalier-Defrenne
Founder of The Re-Source Center

" When I first listened to my mantra recording, I was overwhelmed with emotion of freedom and light. This mantra not only speaks to my soul, but the music is in harmony with my rhythm of life - the essence of what my soul has been seeking for a very long time, opening a door of transformation. I feel so grounded and reconnected to all parts of me, and it truly helps me to remember to use my breath and heartbeat to live in harmony with myself. You will want to work with Alisa because of her keen sense of intuition, combined with a creative talent that captures who you are. Her work is powerful and empowering. "

Stacy Feliciano
Inspiring Connections

" Being coached by Alisa is amazing! She inspired me to start drawing again and I discovered that painting nature is my favourite thing to do so I’m incorporating that as the main focus in my business. I would recommend Alisa to anyone that wants to start being creative, anyone who wants to get back to it after a long period of time away or even someone who is already very creative like me, but is struggling to figure out their creative career. I am having more fun and this has contributed to my overall happiness & my business. "

Pam Lostracco
Muralist & Owner of Lostracco Design

"I have had a few sessions with Alisa, and with every one I have come away with new breakthroughs! She’s helped me to see where I was holding on to old habits and beliefs so I could let go of them and move on. Each time she has guided me to feeling inspired with new creative energy, to KNOW my connection to Source and trust in that support. I wish I could keep this lady on speed dial. Her insights and downloads are spot-on and she is great at helping you connect to the best in yourself! "

Leslie Uhl
Photographer & Creator of Earth Magic Portraits