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"At the beginning of the SYS Experiment, I looked in the mirror and discovered that the woman staring back at me was tired and truly exhausted. I recognized how lost she was - not knowing who she was anymore. But then some magical things started to happen. . . I feel so many shifts aligning right now and I can't stop giggling and feeling so giddy - just imagine dropping an alka seltzer tablet into the water and watching it come alive - that's me busting at the seams! I am ready to fully share the REAL ME with the world. . . I feel so free."

Carol-Anne Schneider
Real Estate Broker

"When I started Alisa’s See Yourself-ie Experiment, I hated taking pictures of myself, was very uncomfortable doing videos, and looked sad and depressed. Through the SYS Experiment, I learned to look at myself from a totally different perspective . . . as a work of art. I've had so much growth from doing Alisa’s programs, and I got to witness the amazing growth of the other participants, too! "

Leslie Uhl
Creator of Earth Magic Portraits

"When I signed up for the SYS Experiment I had no idea how powerful it was going to be. What I experienced was a revelation. Not only did I overcome my resistance to sharing pictures of myself as I am, raw and real, I discovered that underneath there were still some stories of not feeling “good enough”, lovable or worthy. It showed me how I needed to meet myself with so much more kindness and compassion. What a powerful tool for soulful transformation! "

Karolyn McKinley
Quantum Thought Leader, Psychotherapist & Integrative Healing Practitioner

"Being part of the See Yourself-ie Experiment gave me permission to express myself in a warm, supportive environment created by Alisa - wise and compassionate creatrix. She was able to guide us to take risks, to really look at ourselves and share in an environment where it was okay to show your vulnerability, cry, laugh - express anger or frustration. The SYS Experiment helped me open my heart and show what was locked inside."

Dance & Movement Artist

"My favourite thing about the SYS Experiment was feeling safe and seeing myself - this experience showed me sides of myself I want to love more. It's amazing how I can see myself differently when I look at myself in a photo than when I look at myself in a mirror in passing. Spending time playing gave me a different perspective of myself. I loved the See Yourself-ie Experiment."

Kasia Rachfall
Intuitive Healer & Energy Artist

"Before the SYS programs, I couldn’t have envisioned feeling how I feel now both about myself and my creativity. I was a fearful person before and now I have a lot more confidence. The SYS programs are not just for artists or musicians, but for anyone who needs to learn how to manage their insides. There is a lot of freedom from this work - really, everyone would benefit!"

Emma Lynn